Job Title: Market Brand Ambassador and Sales Rep for Glam Gardener NYC

Job Title: Market Brand Ambassador and Sales Rep for Glam Gardener NYC

  • The position starts in April 2023 and will go through December 2023 with the potential to continue into 2024
  • Location: Based in Staten Island, NY with travel to Brooklyn, across NYC, and NY/NJ area
  • We will be taking applications throughout March and inquiring with candidates during the first week of April

The Basics:

  • Rate: $17 hourly pay with daily bonuses when sales metrics are met
  • Weekend work: Saturday & Sunday. Hours will vary. Roughly 6 – 19 hours each weekend.
  • This is a contract-based (1099 tax form) position
  • We are a fast-growing company and there may be the potential for more hours and tasks, including assisting with educational demonstrations,
    production creation, and more as the year progresses

Company & Job description:

This is a unique position for someone that wants to grow with a young, eco-minded company based in Staten Island, NY. Glam Gardener NYC
is a small business offering herbal products, outdoor-based education, and art &
merch for silly nature lovers.

You can learn more about us at or at @glamgardenernyc on social media.

The crux of what we do:

We harvest wild regional plants and infuse them into herbal products to craft herbal teas, fire cider, and elderberry syrup that’s good for our bodies and for the environment. We are a mission-driven company that emphasizes sustainability, handcrafted products,
and local production. We sell our products internationally online, but have a
presence at local markets in Staten Island, across NYC, and across the tri-state

We are looking for a Market Brand Ambassador and Sales Rep
for the 2023 season. Examples of the markets that we’ve sold our products at
are listed below. Feel free to look them up to get an idea of the industry and what
we do:

A day in the job:

The position requires someone to drive to Glam Gardener NYC
HQ in Staten Island, NY. Load up their car with market materials, drive to the market, set up the market independently, work the market by making sales to attendees at the market, close up the market, and dropping materials back off at HQ.


If a market starts at 9 AM and ends at 3 PM, you will likely need to get to HQ at 6:30 AM to load up materials. Then you will get to the market by 7:30 AM, and finish setting up by 8:45 AM. You’ll work the market, then you’ll pack up at 3 PM. You will get back to HQ at 4:30 and load out your car by 5 PM. You will be paid from the moment you get to HQ (7 AM) until the moment you leave (5 PM). You will be reimbursed for your travel as well.

Market times and locations may vary, but you will have consistent weekend work throughout the 2023 season.

If you do not have all of the qualifications but if you have a bedazzling personality, and are willing to work hard and learn, please apply! You will be fully trained and paid for training.

You’ll probably enjoy this job if:

  • You are very friendly, extroverted, and enjoy talking to people
  • You like to educate others
  • You care about nature, art, herbalism, and handcrafted products
  • You to work independently, are trustworthy, punctual, and reliable
  • You like to play your own music as you work and create a vibe at every event you go to (we’ll provide the speaker)!


  • Candidates should have or be willing to learn knowledge of Glam Gardener NYC products, which include regionally wild-foraged, organic, and locally grown plants
  • Have reliable transportation and a
    clean driver’s license. All products can fit into a Toyota Corolla, but if you’ve
    got a big car, we’re not complaining!
  • Have ability to lift 35 lbs. and do
    tasks that require physical labor (setting up 10 x 10 tent, tables, products, and
  • You MUST enjoy working with the
    general public. We love our introverted friends, but this is not a job for shy
  • Friendly demeanor and ability to communicate
    effectively. If you enjoy engaging with the public and have an inviting
    demeanor. This is NOT an aggressive sales job. People don’t need to be harassed
    to purchase products at markets. They’re there for a reason!
  • Ability to educate folks about
    products in a fun and engaging way.
  • Be punctual, reliable, and able to
    work independently.
  • Willingness to drive up to 2 hours
    to and from markets, however most markets are within a 1 hour drive from Staten
    Island, NY (in Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey). You will be reimbursed for
  • Comfortable working outdoors and
    being on your feet (we’ll give you a chair, but sometimes you’re on your feet
    for a few hours).
  • Take inventory of products sold
    and payment collected and report to the company after each event.


  • Lives in Staten Island, NY
  • Can make content on phone from markets for social media
    (pictures, videos, reels, tik toks, etc).
  • Has an EZ pass (you will be reimbursed for use).

Benefits for you:

  • Money! We’ll pay you for your work. LOL!
  • You will work extremely independently at markets with no boss over your shoulder! Of course, you will be trained until you are ready to work on your own, but this is a great position for someone that enjoys independent work.
  • Reliable weekend work with some flexibility if you want to take a summer vaycay. Just let us know!
  • Mentorship from the founder of Glam Gardener NYC on anything
    having to do with starting a business, sustainability, or whatever floats your
    boat. We want to help you grow as a professional and we want to support you
    with your goals.
  • You might feel pretty good working for a mission driven sustainable, ethical, local company!
  • Chill boss! (I’d like to think hehe).

Here's what previous employees have said about the benefits and challenges of working this job:

Chris S. said:

"I like working at the fairs, because it's a fun environment and people are friendly and want to buy stuff!

When I am by myself, I had to plan bathroom breaks strategically.

Also if too many people are in line, you have to balance between being friendly and finishing a sale with one person, but also welcoming to the people behind them who are kind of just standing around pretending they aren't waiting."

Caitlin B. said:

"Working events representing Glam Gardener was always fun! I got to meet and talk to so many interesting people. Some events are so busy they fly by.

Doing events alone, it could be challenging to get set up, especially the tent. But usually another vendor would offer a helping hand if I really could not get the tent open. The only real difficulty I personally had was when people wanted to know more about foraging specifically.

To be good at this position you need to be able to talk to people, knowledgeable of products and uses for products, remember to offer samples and be able to keep track of what you sold. I genuinely always had a good time working events.

Advice would be to keep your phone charged, wear sunscreen and bug repellent, comfy shoes and dress for the weather, bring an extra hoodie or something just in case! And have fun! If you don’t know something just tell the customer, hey I don’t know 100% but here’s the Glam Gardener's info and you can send her a message!

Rena P. said:

"Working for Glam Gardener is like working for a giant worm of mother earth.

Don't mess around with that money! But also, enjoy actually talking to people sometimes and have the ability to ask her for help if you need it and never stop asking until you feel comfortable.

It's mad easy to sell her stuff because it's already perf so u just have to know something about it and you'll probably LOVE TO. Also don't be afraid to be a lil fabulous!