glam gardener nyc harvesting wild plants in new york for herbal products

Who is the Glam Gardener?

Glam Gardener NYC is run by Aly, an environmental educator, foraging enthusiast, artisan, and speaker whose mission is to get others psyched about the natural world.

My name is Aly and I’m the gardener behind Glam Gardener NYC!

I’m a born-and-raised New Yorker from the forgotten borough of Staten Island (or as we call it: Shaolin)! I’ve always loved nature, climbing trees, frolicking in the forest, and stuff like that.

I grew up exploring the Staten Island Greenbelt—2,800-acres of mature forests, wetlands, meadows. Quick shout out to the Staten Islanders before me, who fought to preserve this space. Thanks y’all!

One way or another, my upbringing brought me to study at the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University, the first school for sustainability in the country.

There, I acquired my Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability, Energy, Materials, and Technology with a minor in Business. Then I got my Master’s degree in Sustainability Solutions—a project management focused degree.

I studied the environment, society, and the economy, as well as some of the intricacies we find at the intersection of these 3 massive concepts. Some of these topics include climate, renewable energy, environmental policy, and sustainable food systems.

But here's what I think. No one needs an advanced degree to get connected with nature.

It is simply my love for the outdoors, plants, and health that guides me everyday. If we have to put labels on it, I’d say that I’m a wild crafting, forest foraging, urban gardening human that is hungry for exploration.

I try to combine my academic background with my childlike curiosity as I guide the Glam Gardener ship.

My goal is to create a sustainable life for myself filled with health and happiness, and spread that goodness onto other through thoughtful products, intentional services, and meaningful connections.

Whew! I told you a little bit about me, now I want to hear about you. If you'd like to connect, check out the links below to connect on social media and Linked In.

Thank you for being here, reading a little bit about my origin story, and I'm so happy to have you in the Glam Fam!

With love,
Aly, The Glam Gardener

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