The one-stop shop for nature lover's merch

Designs by Glam Gardener NYC inspired by nature, foraging trips, and plants. From one silly soul to another.


Stickers for silly souls that love to flaunt their love for worms, plants, and pollinators. It helps if you don't mind a naughty reference here or there. Psst... there's free shipping on all stickers.


Why buy a card just to throw it away? That's why we offer cards that grow wildflowers when planted! Those that don't contain magical seeds are always crafted with recycled paper. Psst... there's also free shipping on all cards.


Always 100% cotton. Usually organic. Always locally screen-printed in NYC. Never drop shipped. Limited edition merch shops like shirts, totes, and handmade fibers. We only print a few of these designs, so if you own of these threads, you're one of a few.


Some of your favorite Glam Gardener sticker designs, but except on high-quality paper stock. A great way to tell your house guests, "my walls are cooler than yours," without making them feel too bad about it.