Nature lovers ♡ Glam Gardener NYC because:

Wild-harvested and Organic

We ethically harvest abundant wild edible plants, then infuse them into herbal products. We always used wild-harvested and organic plants across our herbal product line.

Locally sourced

From New York-grown hops and beeswax to locally printed organic cotton t-shirts, we prioritize local first and USA-made across our line.

Community first

We host free, educational, and fun community events in the NYC area to help others connect to nature, no matter how urban our envionrment is.


Whether it's greeting cards that grow flowers or compostable packaging on all shipments, we're thinking about mother earth as much as you are.



  • "The wild lettuce tincture is amazing! It's a staple at night, especially when my lower back arthritis starts to flare up." - Samantha B.

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  • "Glam Gardener NYC foraging tours attract such kind and thoughtful participants. You really feel like you're at a gathering with friends." - Brianna C.

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  • "Everything about this bag is dope. Ideal size to tote your daily items, very lightweight but sturdy fabric that hasn’t frayed since I’ve had it. - Karley C.

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Market & Fair Calendar

Find Glam Gardener NYC selling products at your local market in New York & New Jersey.

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