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wild-harvested smudge wraps (white sage replacement)

wild-harvested smudge wraps (white sage replacement)

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  • Seasonally available wild and organic plants wrapped in hemp twine
  • Wraps include a variety of eastern white pine, mugwort, mullein, lavender, and various wildflowers
  • 8-12" x 2"
  • Aromatic, burn safe, and made with love.
  • Locally foraged and grown in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Smudge Wraps are bundles of plants tied together with twine. They are burned as part of a ceremonial or spiritual practice.

Glam Gardener NYC smudge wraps are made with wild-foraged plants, organically grown plants, and hemp twine.* This offers an eco-conscious, local, and hand made option for the mindful consumer.

Each smudge wrap is hand-crafted intuitively with a variety of plants that each hold their own significance, like eastern white pine, mugwort, mullein, and various seasonal wildflowers.

Arguably, the most common smudge wrap available is made from white sage. White sage is overharvested to meet the demand of the international market, landing it on The United Plant Savers' list for at-risk species.

Glam Gardener NYC offers free shipping on stickers, cards, and all orders over $50.

These smudge wraps are not made from white sage. They are a white sage replacement, born out of awareness to the many problems with overharvesting white sage.

*These smudge wraps' appearance and content are based on what is seasonally available and will change throughout the year.

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