This was me after a traumatic bike accident years ago, long before I was a forager or familiar with healing mushrooms like Lion's mane.

My story with Lion's mane mushroom

Yikes! Look at those injuries. This was me in the hospital, many years ago after a bicycle accident. Stay tuned. I promise, this story has a good ending.

Glam Gardener NYC offers medicinal mushroom tincture with Lion's Mane Mushroom. A mushroom is most notably known for promoting brain health, nerve regeneration, memory, and so much more.

Releasing this tincture is a ripe time to share my personal story with using Lion's mane mushroom to heal from a traumatic injury, concussion, and brain fog.

Before I begin, let me offer a necessary disclaimer.

Because I am not a health service, I cannot make any claims to Lion's mane effect on human health. However, you are invited to join me in indulging in the the wealth of knowledge on medicinal mushrooms! This is a personal story from my life, not advice to you.My experience may vary drastically from others'. Furthermore, many of Lion's mane health benefits are well documented in many books, both old and new, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. When in doubt consult your healthcare provider or a clinically trained herbalist.Okay—let's get started! 

Long before I started Glam Gardener NYC, I was in a traumatic bicycle accident that left me with a few small broken bones, a concussion, and a foggy brain. I was still an undergraduate student at Arizona State University. I was car-less and hustling to get to one of my two jobs at the time, so I was bicycling down a major street with cars driving 40 miles per hour.

Perhaps because it was a hot day in the Arizona desert, or because I was always in a rush to balance my insane schedule of 2 jobs + a full-time course load, I wasn't thinking straight. I attempted to adjust something on my bike near its front wheel while riding. Obviously, that was a bad idea. My hand got caught in the spokes of my wheel, which propelled me head-first onto the hot pavement.

The bad news? I wasn't wearing a helmet. The good news, I was cycling with a friend that was able to help me get off the street and to the nearest hospital. It's still hard for me to think back on this accident without cringing.

Turns out, I'm a hard-headed gal, so I was able to get up, walk, and talk. Whew! I had no major gashes on my head, but I had some nasty road rash, a concussion, some small broken bones to my primary hand, and a foggy brain, all before finals week.

Anyone that has suffered a concussion, trauma to the brain, or has been in one-too-many mosh pits probably understands the frustrating feeling of brain fog and forgetfulness. It's frustrating, because it comes and it goes. Plus, unlike physical injuries, like broken bones, the path to healing doesn't feel linear.

It probably didn't help that I was taking calculus at the time, but studying became torture. Homework took hours longer than before my accident. Thinking 'straight' was hard. I felt confused and disconnected, but I couldn't control or pinpoint it.

So when did it start to get better?

Having always been a believer in the healing properties of plants and mushrooms, I was a loyal patron of my local apothecary, where I regularly used myself as a lab-rat for new tea blends and healing elixirs. Big shout out to Happy Healthy High Horny Herbsin Tempe, Arizona! Yes, the name gets me every time too.

I came across a tea blend designed for 'stepping into mastery' as it claimed to promote brain health and memory retention. I was on track to start graduate school just months later, and I definitely couldn't do that with a foggy brain, so it seemed fitting for my needs at the time.

The key ingredient in this blend? You got it... it was Lion's mane mushroom

Turns out that the secret ingredient in this tea—Lion's mane mushroom—whose scientific name is Hericium erinaceus, is a world renowned mushroom gaining popularity for its ability to boost brain health. Studies show that Lion's mane contains compounds that stimulate the growth of brain cells, reduce symptoms of memory loss, and improve mental functioning.

I incorporated this tea into my near-daily regimen, and in months, I went from foggy to clear, side-tracked to focused, forgetful to present. I started graduate school with my brain back, and I survived that too.

But at the time I had very little knowledge of the specifics of this shroom. I was just trying something new & trusted my local apothecary.

Since I had such great results from this tea, I shared my experience with others, only to find so many people with similar positive experiences. One close friend from school used this for daily support. Folks in online groups shared that this mushroom helped them with their anxiety. And so on.

Over the years, I’ve recommended Lion's mane in tea, pill, and tincture form to friends, family, and strangers suffering from forgetfulness and brain fog. Everyone's body & experience is extremely different. Especially since brain fog and forgetfulness can be linked to anything from lack of sleep, concussions, poor diet, and the list goes on.

However, a quick peak into an online discussion board of non-paid folks is great insight into how many this mushroom helps (Reddit is a great place for this). Don't neglect the good 'ole word-of mouth.

These personal experiences are valuable anecdotal evidence. Many of the healing properties of plants and fungus were long recognized before they were studied in labs, mice, and test tubes. But you don’t have to take mine, or anyone else's word for it.

There have been numerous studies on the effect of Lion's mane on brain health, forgetfulness, dementia, anxiety, depression, and more.

These studies provide some hopeful insight into Lion's mane's powers. Of course, more research is welcome. All of us believers in natural remedies are looking forward to future human studies that will reveal even more about medicinal mushrooms.So, back to my personal experience with Lion's mane.

I can't say that Lion's mane did all of the work. No health regimen is successful all alone by itself, but this fungus was an amazing healing ally that helped me on the path to recovery, alongside gentle yoga, eating healthy, and rest.

Foraging Lion's Mane mushroom for the first time

Getting the opportunity to forage a mushroom that is so close to my healing journey is an amazing and strange feeling. When I first found this mushroom, I kind of freaked out. It was in the pristine Worthington State Forest in New Jersey along the Delaware River.It felt like some type of confirmation.

Was this confirmation an intellectual reward? Did all of my studying reward me the skills to properly identify this mushroom? Or was this a type of spiritual confirmation from thepowers that be / the universe / nature / god, saying, "your traumatic injury wasn't for nothing. Go tell the others about this healing mushroom!"

I don't know why things happen the way they do. But I'm pretty sure all foragers, or folks that feelcalledby something know where I'm coming from, and I hope you see the magic in this story!

Regardless of how or why I found Lion's mane (or Lion's mane found me), I feel honored to offer this Lion's Mane infused tincture today. It feels right to share.

If I am lucky enough for you to try Glam Gardener NYC's medicinal mushroom tincture with Lion's mane mushroom, please let us know how it's working for you.

If you prefer to try this mushroom in a tea or powder, make sure to look for something wild-crafted, foraged, organic, or by a small-batch company. Keep in mind that there are both Lion's mane and Lion's mane extract products on the market, and they are different.

Thank you for listening to my story. As always, reach out if you have questions, comments, or want to chat!

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