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Sleep Tight: Hops, Valerian Root, and Lemon balm Herbal Tincture

Sleep Tight: Hops, Valerian Root, and Lemon balm Herbal Tincture

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Sleep Tight: Hops, Valerian Root, and Lemon balm Herbal Tincture

  • New York State-grown Hops, Organic Valerian Root, and Organic Lemon balm, Vegetable glycerin 
  • Alcohol-free tincture 
  • Herbal remedy used to promote restful sleep, naturally
  • 2 oz bottle (56 grams), 56 dropperfulls
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Small batch handcrafted herbal product
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How Sleep Tight herbal tincture by Glam Gardener helps to promote sleep naturally:

The modern world is ripe with things that disrupt our sleep: caffeine, light pollution, and deadlines, which leads to restless bodies and racing minds. Sleep Tight by Glam Gardener offers scientifically-backed support for tranquil slumbers.

Consider this herbal remedy your botanical lullaby, designed to support you alongside other sleep-promoting habits. We source New York State grown hops, then blend them with organic Valerian root and organic Lemon balm, to craft a bottle of relaxation for you. These plants have been used as herbal remedies to promote rest for millennia.

We call this tincture Sleep Tight, because some may use Hops, Valerian root, and Lemon balm for: 

  • Fall Asleep with Ease: Embrace a sense of tranquility, allowing worries and anxieties to melt away as you drift effortlessly into a peaceful slumber.
  • Quiet Restless Nights: Tame those nights of tossing and turning, finding a sense of calm that invites uninterrupted rest.
  • Ease Anxious Thoughts: Quiet an overactive mind to create a space of serenity where dreams can blossom.
  • Wake Feeling Refreshed: Rise in the morning feeling rested, restored, and ready to embrace the day with renewed energy.
  • Find Deep Relaxation: Discover a sense of deep relaxation that soothes the body and mind, easing tension and promoting overall well-being.
  • This tincture is designed to be taken for sleep. If you're looking for a tincture that can promote calming sensations throughout your waking day, see our Calm Balance tincture and other remedies.

This herbal tincture is crafted with 3 calming medicinal plants.

Hops (Humulus lupulus). Hops are the flowering cones of a plant that contain magical and medicinal resin. They are most known for their role as the bittering agent in one of the world's favorite beverages: beer. Many are familiar—and like us—are oddly infatuated with the hoppy bitter flavor that makes a craft-brewed IPA taste oh, so crisp. But we're not talking about beer here.

We're talking about the less-discussed medicinal benefits of hops: particularly the resin packed in their cone-shaped flowers. Psst... unlike beer, this herbal tincture is both alcohol and gluten-free. 

The resin in hops have been known to assist with sedation, anxiety, and sleep. Research suggests their alpha and beta-acids interact with GABA receptors in the brain, promoting relaxation and quieting anxieties, paving the way for restful sleep. Our hops are grown in New York state, because medicinal remedies are better for our bodies and the planet when we're consuming local, clean, farm-fresh plants. 

Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis). At the detriment of our health and happiness, insomnia affects roughly one-third of the adult population. However, for centuries, Valerian root has held a leading role in herbal sleep remedies. In recent times, scientific studies are looking to this ancient wisdom for answers. Some studies indicate that valerenic acid and other compounds in Valerian root bind to GABA receptors, calming the nervous system and easing insomnia. Sleep Tight captures this ancient wisdom in each drop.

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis). Lemon balm is a mint-family plant, related to many plants you'll find in some of the oldest herbal remedy texts like oregano, basil, motherwort, rosemary, lavender, and more. This plant is known for its fragrant oils, zesty taste, and uplifting fragrance.

Lemon balm provides calming support, because it belongs to a classification of plants called nervines. Nervines are a group of plants that help with calming the nervous system and easing stress. Together, this gentle nerve support alongside the potent properties in Hops and Valerian root create an herbal remedy that is sure to help you sleep tight.

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It's a restless night and I realize that I'm having trouble sleeping. I've been lying in bed for over a half hour without any luck of calming my mind chatter or bodily angst. I might have done this restlessness to myself by not properly winding down before bed, i.e. being on my phone too close to bed time or doing active tasks during the evening. I keep Sleep Tight on my night table. I unscrew my tincture bottle and allow 3 dropperfulls to sit under my tongue for 30 seconds. I put my eye mask on to promote restfulness through darkness. I take 10 deep breaths and allow my body to calm down with the help of my herbal tincture. If I am feeling a restless night coming on hours before bed, I will mix Sleep Tight with my post-dinner tea. 

Glam Gardener NYC Herbal Promise

The Glam fam ♡'s Glam Gardener's Sleep Tight tincture because:

Our love for the ecosystem

Glam Gardener handcrafts small-batch herbal remedies with wild, organic, and regionally sourced plants.

This herbal tincture features New York State-grown hops, which are local to us. Why do we source locally grown plants when possible? A plethora of reasons.

1. Supporting local farmers keeps our agricultural economy alive. This means local employment. Local connection to the land. Local land stewardship. Local agricultural education. Sweet breweries and eateries for local connection and enjoyment.

Entire college courses have been created about the benefit of local food economies, so there is so much to learn. We're happy to play a small role in that if we can. We know you care about this as much as we do.

2. Sourcing plants locally means that they've adhered to strict USA-specific growing practices, which often results in cleaner soils, better quality plants, and better treatment for farm workers. This promotes healthier bodies for us and the farm workers that nurture these medicinal plants. 

3. Glam Gardener is known for harvesting, then crafting invasive wild plants into herbal remedies. However, this remedy does not contain wild plants. When we do craft remedies with wild plants, we work with them to make herbal products that are eco and health-conscious. By using invasive plants to craft herbal remedies, we hope to lend the native ecosystem a hand by removing them from the landscape, while doing our bodies a favor by consuming them as medicinal herbal remedies. 

Small batches crafted with intention and integrity

Why choose Glam Gardener products when you can find similar herbal remedies sold in small herb shops and by large distributors like Amazon? We craft small-batch herbal remedies with high-quality local, organic, and wild-harvested plants.

Most of the remedies sold by large corporations are not crafted with the same intention, are not grown in the USA, and are not grown in their natural environment, which diminishes their quality.

Not always, but it is common for medicinal plants grown internationally to be grown using poor environmental and labor practices that are harmful to the earth and the most vulnerable humans across the globe. Ingesting non-organic and non-wild harvested plants can result in harm to our bodies. That’s why we always use organic and wild-harvested ingredients in our herbal products.

Whether we’re crafting a remedy with native mushrooms or invasive plants, we’re doing so consciously by using years of field-based best practices and traditional education. 

We've got your back on your herbal journey

We want to inform you to empower yourself on your herbal journey. We provide information, articles, online content, and in person experiences for you to learn about herbs and the natural world.

However, we must offer a disclaimer. Many of Hops (Humulus lupulus), Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis), and Lemon balm's (Melissa officinalis), health benefits are well documented in many herbal books, both old and new, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Furthermore, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. When in doubt consult your healthcare provider or a clinically trained herbalist.

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