Herbs that you can smoke as alternatives to weed, tobacco, and vaping. The benefits of smoking herbs, how to make herbal smoking blends, and how to find the best herbal smoking blends online.

A short guide about herbs that you can smoke by Glam Gardener—a small business offering organic herbal smoking blends in New York and online.

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Herbal plants that you can smoke instead of tobacco, cannabis, or vaping.

In the age of the health-conscious, sober-curious, but I-still-want-to-enjoy-a-little-smoke-sesh consumer, many are looking for herbal alternatives to smoking cannabis (weed), tobacco, and vaping.

And for good reason.

There's a whole lot of downsides to smoking tobacco, and many unfavorable effects that come with cannabis consumption. You don't really need us to lay them out for you. After all, you're here reading a blog looking for herbal smoking alternatives.

But to be thorough and offer some motivation, let's name a few.

Some are interested in seeking herbal smoking alternatives to tobacco, because:

  • Tobacco is harmful to your lungs when smoked.
  • Tobacco is highly addictive because it contains a chemical called nicotine.
  • Cigarettes are often consumed at a greater rate than the body can heal from the damage, because it is addictive.
  • Most tobacco brands contain harmful and synthetic chemicals in addition to tobacco, including pesticides and preservatives.
  • Vaping often delivers more nicotine than cigarettes, potentially making vaping more addictive than combustion cigarettes.
  • The long-term negative effects of vaping are somewhat unclear, due to the newness of the technology. However, vaping has been linked to increased anxiety and unfavorable ailments.

Some are interested in seeking herbal smoking alternatives to cannabis, because:

  • People may be interested in quitting mind-altering substances or getting sober.
  • Cannabis can cause undesirable effects in some, including paranoia, fatigue, and anxiety.
  • Cannabis may be off-limits for those that get drug-tested for their jobs.
  • Cannabis is still illegal in some states. If it is not legal, the origin, organic status, percentage of THC, and other essential information about the plant may be unclear or deceptively presented to consumers.
  • Some are not interested in quitting cannabis, but rather seeking herbs herbs to flavor, heighten, or extend the life of their supply of cannabis.

All of these are reasons why Glam has been in the garden crafting smooth, tasty, non-psychoactive herbal smoking blends for years. And people are loving them.

Smoking herbs offers non-addictive and non-psychoactive options for those who choose to smoke. Let's get into a few herbs that you can smoke as alternatives to tobacco and weed, and some of the benefits that they offer.

Some of these plants we use in our herbal smoking blends, and others we do not. But we want to provide you with a bunch of information to start your herbal smoking journey off right.

First, we start with the Alpha, the Omega, and everything in between.

MULLEIN. You will probably never find an herbal smoking blend without mullein in it.

  • Benefits: Makes a great foundation for your herbal smoking blend, is readily available, and grows wild and abundant all over North America.
  • Downsides: Lacks flavor, quality will vary between suppliers.

Mullein is in virtually every herbal smoking blend. Mullein is fluffy, adds body, and has a marvelous texture for catching fire. If you've ever seen mullein in its whole-plant form, you'll notice how fuzzy, fluffy, and friendly it is. Tripple-F... F-yeah!

When you dry and grind mullein, it will remain voluminous and fluffy, making it a great base for an herbal smoking blend, because it rarely gets fine-ground enough to escape past joint filters or smoking bowls.

However, as someone that grows and harvests fresh mullein, I must add that there's a caveat.

Different species of mullein vary in their "fuzz" factor. I've noticed when ordering mullein online, that the quality is not great, meaning that it barely has any fluff, making it less-than-deal for a smoking blend.

At Glam Gardener, we always harvest our own mullein. We get the stuff with the fluff. Side note: Can I trademark that phrase?

We only harvest fresh and fluffy mullein, because simply put, it smokes better. Keep this in mind if you're crafting your own blend.

MUGWORT. Mugwort is known to be relaxing, mystical, and flavorful.

Benefits: Readily available, grows all over North America, and has many benefits when consumed.

Downsides: Can be harsh when smoked by itself.

Let's talk mugwort. One of my favorite wild medicinal plants. Hated by many gardeners across the globe, because it's very invasive depending on where you live. In New York, you betchya that it spreads like wildfire across garden beds, fields, and forests.

Mugwort is a plant associated with the moon. It's believed to promote sensations of relaxation, induce lucid dreaming sessions, regulate the menstrual cycle, and add flavor to culinary dishes. It is an extremely versatile plant.

But many don't know that you can smoke mugwort too! Glam Gardener crafts herbal joints and loose herbal smoking blends with mugwort that we wild-harvest, because that's the best quality mugwort that you can find.

You can tell that mugwort is high-quality when it has a rich deep green color and is highly-fragrant. On the flip side, you can tell that it is low quality when it isn't fragrant, lacks color, and is very coarse to the touch.

If crafting your own smoking blend, be sure to not smoke mugwort on its own. It will be very harsh on your throat. As many fragrant herbs are when smoked.

Its best to mix mugwort with mullein to smoothen your herbal smoking blend.

We worked on our recipe for a looooong time before releasing our premier herbal smoking blend with both mullein and mugwort. We were keen on getting that smoothness-to-flavor ratio just right.

Check out some of our mullein and mugwort-infused herbal smoking blends below. If you want to learn more about smokable herbs, keep scrolling!

DAMIANA. Damiana is sweet in flavor, uplifting, and has aphrodisiac properties that enhance sensations of love.

Benefits: Incredibly tasty, fluffy like Mullein, smooth on your throat when smoked.

Downsides: Doesn't grow in much of the USA, so it must be procured by an international farm.

Damiana. Oh, doesn't she sound so sweet already? Well, this plant is. In flavor, in essence, and in its properties.

We started crafting herbal smoking blends and herbal teas with damiana after literally falling in love with its flavor. Go figure that it's an aphrodisiac!

Aphrodisiacs not only enhance feelings of love towards others, but also love towards oneself and overall vitality.

This plant has a long history of use in Central and South America for providing energy.

This herb is not necessarily stimulating like a cup of coffee. But it's uplifting, like the way you feel after a great laughing session with one of your closest friends.

If you're crafting an herbal smoking blend with this plant, be sure to play with the mullein-to-damiana ratios. You'll find that the fluffier the damiana, the easier it feels on your throat when toked.

Psst... our Lover's Smoke herbal smoking blend is a Glam Gardener favorite and one of the most popular and revisited items that we offer.

LET'S GET IN THE GARDEN. Mint, garden Sage, Chamomile, Lavender, Calendula, Catnip, and Rosemary are all smokable plants that can be grown in a modest home garden.

Benefits: You can easily grow all of these smokable herbs at home.

Downsides: Blending them perfectly into an herbal smoking blend takes some expertise, which we provide below.

Is your mind kind of blown right now? These are some of the first flavorful and medicinal plants that we are introduced to.

We know that chamomile and lavender are great for calming our bodies.

We love adding mint, rosemary, and garden sage to flavor recipes.

Some of us may love calendula for its soothing skin healing properties—which is why we infuse it into our Self Heal salve.

But you may be wondering why these herbs are smokable, but not more popular in herbal smoking blends. We don't know the answer, persay, but we think we have an idea.

Many may have never experienced the benefits of smoking these herbs, because folks don't know how to harvest, dry, process, store, and blend these herbs into a smooth herbal smoking blend.

Here are some guidelines for how to harvest, dry, process, store, and blend herbs to create a smooth herbal smoking blend.

  • Harvest these plants during the peak of their season for full flavor. This is when the plant is looking its healthiest.
  • Dry these plants with a food dehydrator, in the oven on the lowest setting, or by placing them on a paper towel on your countertop for a week-or-so in a dark and cool place. Drying them in the sun may seem intuitive, but this can degrade their quality and flavor. You'll know they're dry when you can crumble them easily with your hands.
  • Store them in glass jars in a cool and dark place, like your kitchen cabinet. To ensure that the moisture doesn't accumulate in the jars (damaging your plants via mold) add a silica packet. These are the beaded packets that come in food products that famously say "do not eat."
  • Blend them with mullein to reduce their harshness. Remember the rule of fragrant plants we shared earlier? Here it is again. Fragrant plants can be harsh to smoke on their own. Blending them with mullein will make your blend more smooth.

Whew! Any questions?

Moving onto our last plant of this blog. Don't be sad there are plenty more smokable herbs, but we have to let you get on with your day, right?

CLOVE is spicy, cleansing, and warming. It adds a fun numbing sensation to your herbal smoking experience.

Benefits: Tasty, energizing, and available in virtually every grocery store.

Downsides: Very strong in flavor that some may not like, requires some machinery to process (unless you purchase pre-ground clove), and doesn't grow easily in the United States climate.

Clove is the flower bud of a tree native to Indonesia. It has a strong aroma and taste, and its common to find this spice infused into herbal toothpastes, because it has antibacterial qualities.

It's also pretty common to find it in herbal smoking blends! This is a fun plant, because it adds a numbing sensation to your tongue when smoked.

This plant helps with adding spice to your palette, freshening your breath. It's also warming, uplifting, and energizing in nature.

Clove is believed to help cleanse the spirit from a mystical sense. Many like to include meditation and intention-setting as part of their herbal smoking routine. If this sounds like you, perhaps clove would be a great choice for a purifying herbal smoking session.

The key with clove is to not overpower your smoke blend with this highly fragrant herb. It is incredibly strong, thus harsh when overdone.

It took us a long time to perfect our herbal smoking blend called Energize, with clove, calendula, orange peel, and of course mullein.

Clove and orange peel are uplifting in their nature. While calendula's soft flower petals and mullein's fuzzy features add smoothness to their highly fragrant plant counterparts.

Now you might be wondering where you can try some pre-made herbal smoking blends. We'll steer you in the right direction.

Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is GLAM! Hello friends, Glam Gardener totally crafts herbal smoking blends that are always organic or wild-harvested.

We craft them with intention, high-quality wild-harvested plants, and go through lots of testing to ensure they are tasty and smooth. We'd be honored for you to try our Herbal Smoking Joints and Blends. If you do, be sure to let us know how you like 'em!

But if you choose to try other blends available out there in the ether, allow us to steer you in the right direction!

1. Always ensure your smoking blend is organic.

You do NOT want to inhale pesticides, herbicides, or any synthetic crap.

But note that many small makers may not necessarily have the official organic label on their products, because organic certification is incredibly cost-prohibitive for small crafters.

However, your herbal smoke blender of choice should be within arm's reach to answer your questions. We certainly are!

2. Notice the origin of your herbs.

Shopping local can be expensive, but locally-grown plants are usually best for the environment, the workers growing them, and our bodies. Plus, the more local the plants are grown, the fresher the plants usually are.

3. Shop small and seasonal for the freshest products.

We're not Amazon-shaming over here, but rather offering some insight.

Small seasonal farmers and makers are limited in our capacity to mass-produce and store endless amounts of products.

Thus, our products have shorter shelf lives and are usually freshly crafted. The fresher the plants, the better their flavor and quality are.

Technically, herbs can be stored for years. But over time, they lose flavor. Shopping with small makers is your best bet at getting fresher batches, which is going to surely heighten your herbal smoking experience.

A bit about my herbal smoking journey. It started when I was in college.

Probably like some of you, I had my first tobacco cigarette when I was 13 years old. I smoked on and off throughout my teen years, but by the time I hit college, I had pretty much kicked the habit.

But if something is going to trigger old bad habits, its 12 hour study sessions, finals week, group projects, and working part-time jobs while being a full time college student.

I wanted something that would "take the edge off" like my nostalgic puff of a cigarette, without the addictive qualities, harmful chemicals, and the risk of it becoming a daily habit.

So I searched my local herb shop and I bought a few different kinds of herbal joints. They had lavender, rose, and mullein, among others. They were a bit harsh on the throat, but they did the trick of providing a soothing moment with a familiar feeling minus the harm of smoking tobacco.

Many moons later, I have a much different approach on when to consume herbal joints. First off, the 12-16 hour days that come with being a graduate student are over, so I try not to allow myself to get to that stressful of a place. I have more wisdom in choosing my stress-relieving habits wisely.

But not gonna lie, an herbal joint in communion with others over a campfire is a wonderful way to enjoy the icing on the cake of life.

Plus, I know that there were people like me out there. You are probably one of them.

People who simply enjoyed a smoke here and there, but don't want to reignite an old-or-new habit. People that aren't necessarily interested in consuming a mind-altering substance daily. People that are sober-curious and want to try something that can help them wane away from their vices.

So I harvested and crafted and refined until Glam Gardener had a few solid herbal smoking blends that people loved. Without the harshness all-too-often found in herbal smoking blends, but packed with flavor.

Now, hundreds of people have tried our herbal smoking blends and have told us how they've affected their lives.

Calming sensations. "Not-high" highs. Lovers brought together. Help with leaving tobacco, vaping, and cannabis behind.

We love our herbal smoking blends, if you get a chance to try them, we hope you do too.


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