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OPEN YOUR HEART | Aphrodisiac & heart-opening tea with Organic Cacao, Damiana, Rose & Stevia Leaf

OPEN YOUR HEART | Aphrodisiac & heart-opening tea with Organic Cacao, Damiana, Rose & Stevia Leaf

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Heart-opening & Aphrodisiac herbal tea crafted to stimulate sensations of love, uplift the spirit, promote focus, and offer connection with a naturally sweetened chocolate-rose flavor.

Glam Gardener herbal teas are always hand crafted in New York, made with organic or wild ingredients, and designed to harness each plant's natural healing benefits.

About Glam Gardener's Open Your Heart Herbal Tea with Damiana, Cacao, Rose, and Whole leaf Stevia:

What are all of the ingredients in Open Your Heart herbal tea?

  • Organic Damiana, Organic Cacao, Organic Red Rose Petals, Organic Whole leaf stevia. That's it. 100% healthy, healing, herbal goodness.

What's it taste like?

  • Tastes like a floral hot chocolate with a warm hug on the side.

How does this blend of Cacao, Damiana, Rose, and Whole leaf Stevia make you feel?

  • This tea blend works to uplift your spirit with heart-opening and aphrodisiac plants: cacao and damiana. Cacao is naturally lightly caffeinated, so it's uplifting and energizing. Promotes sensations of connection and ease.

How do you make herbal tea?

  • Bring water to a boil, then infuse 1 tea bag in 8-16 ounces of hot water. Infuse for 10 minutes, then drink with someone you love or alone to feel subtly uplifted with your heart open for a new day.


  • 15 individual compostable tea bags of warm, delicious, and healing herbal tea. Our tea bags are larger than typical tea bags to create a full-bodied cup of tea that goes a long way.

The secret herbal magic of Damiana, Cacao, Rose and Whole leaf stevia.

Damiana: world renowned aphrodisiac 

Damiana is an herbal aphrodisiac that has been used to set the mood for centuries. It's used to promote an uplifting feeling throughout the body. It can heighten sensations of drive and arousal. This leaf offers a unique and addicting sweet earthy floral flavor to the tea blend. Here's some more fun about Damiana:

  • Damiana is an abundant shrub from Central America
  • It has an infectiously sweet smell and flavor that makes you smile
  • Damiana has a fuzzy texture, which makes it so delightful to blend into teas or craft into herbal smoking blends.
  • We love Damiana, that's why we use it in our Lover's Smoke herbal smoking blend and herbal joints

Cacao: everyone's favorite antioxidant 

Cacao is the precursor for one of our favorite snacks: chocolate. Cacao is the dried and fully fermented seed of the Theobroma cacao plant. It's naturally caffeinated, incredibly medicinal, and packed with antioxidants. Cacao nibs offer a natural energy boost while also acting as a natural aphrodisiac. The complex unsweetened chocolatey flavor blends with the sweet floral notes of the tea, delivering a flavor reminiscent of a rosy hot chocolate.

Red Rose Petals: modern love with ancient roots

Red rose petals have been a symbol of love since ancient times. Sweet, floral and aromatic. Just like cacao, rose is packed with healthy antioxidants that boost your immune system.

Whole leaf unprocessed Stevia: nature's sweetener

Whole leaf unprocessed Stevia leaves are naturally sweetened and incredibly potent. They offer a sweetness that balances the bitterness of cacao as well as the earthiness of damiana. As a natural sugar replacement it offers a healthy sweetening alternative than processed stevia or sugar.


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The Glam fam ♡'s Glam Gardener's Open Your Heart herbal tea because:

Our love for the planet and our bodies

At Glam Gardener, we believe that what's good for bodies should be good for the planet too. That's why we craft herbal remedies with organically grown plants.

With plants that can grow on our regional soil and when seasonal, we source from local, USA-based farmers.

We harvest wild plants in-house with our own glamorous hands, ethically, locally, and sustainably.

Small batches crafted with intention and integrity

Why choose Glam Gardener products when you can find similar herbal remedies sold in small herb shops and by large distributors like Amazon? We craft small-batch herbal remedies with high-quality local, organic, and wild-harvested plants.

Most of the remedies sold by large corporations are not crafted with the same intention, are not grown in the USA, and are not grown in their natural environment, which diminishes their quality.

Not always, but it is common for medicinal plants grown internationally to be grown using poor environmental and labor practices that are harmful to the earth and the most vulnerable humans across the globe. Ingesting non-organic and non-wild harvested plants can result in harm to our bodies.

That’s why we always use organic and wild-harvested ingredients in our herbal products.

Whether we’re crafting a remedy with native mushrooms or invasive plants, we’re doing so consciously by using years of field-based best practices and traditional education. 

We've got your back on your herbal journey

We want to inform you to empower yourself on your herbal journey. We provide information, articles, online content, and in person experiences for you to learn about herbs and the natural world.

However, we must offer a disclaimer. 

All of these plants' health benefits are well documented in many herbal books, both old and new, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Furthermore, these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. when in doubt consult your healthcare provider or a clinically trained herbalist. 

In addition to all the benefits listed, these plants have additional benefits, side effects, and interactions. Please do your own research before consuming. 

Scientific names of each plant are: Turnera diffusa, Theobroma cacao, Rosa Centifolia, and Stevia rebaudiana.