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I play with deadly plants, don't f*ck with me sticker

I play with deadly plants, don't f*ck with me sticker

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I play with deadly plants. Don't fuck with me. Need I say more?

The text wraps around one of our favorite wild plants called Datura stramonium. Datura stramonium is a wild plant that will send you on a trip, or a trip to the underworld.

It's found it in places as common as community gardens, beaches, and parking lots. Datura makes a fool out of curious newbies looking to get a free legal high. The trip reports detail the delirium, extended emergency room visits, and vomiting galore. Oh, death too.

There’s folklore about the spirit of this plant. Traditionally, it was used by various cultures—like the Aztecs—to communicate with the Gods. Perhaps there are communities today that deeply understand and honor the potential of this plant.

But Datura Stramonium is a great way to practice limits and boundaries.

This is my message to you.

1. Don’t fuck with her.

2. Don’t ask us to send you any.

3. Don’t fuck with a forager that knows their deadly plants.

Sport this sticker to keep your haters away.

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