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my mama is my world card for moms made with plantable seed paper

my mama is my world card for moms made with plantable seed paper

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  • 'my mama is my world' design drawn by an eco-centric chic in shaolin, nyc
  • made in USA from seeds + recycled paper
  • roughly 5.25" x 4.25"
  • independent artist + small business made
  • comes with envelope

These cards will grow WILDFLOWERS when planted!

They're great for mama for her birthday, mother's day, or any occasion where you want to remind your mama that she is your world. Mom will love this zero-waste and eco-friendly greeting card for any occasion.

There are seeds embedded into the paper that the card is made from. After you gift this card, plant it in soil, water it normally, and watch wildflowers grow.

It's recommended that you wait until mid-late spring to plant. The wildflower seeds contained in the cards are: corn poppy, blue salvia, white yarrow, partridge pea, annual gaillardia, perennial gaillardia, rocket larkspur, lance-leaved coreopsis, plains coreopsis, California poppy, crimson clover, black-eyed Susan, baby blue eyes.

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How To Use

Soak this card in water, then tear it up into little pieces. Fill a planter with soil, then distribute the pieces evenly on top of the soil. Cover with 1 inch of soil and water thoroughly. You will see sprouts within a few weeks of planting.


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