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START YOUR MORNING WITH AWAKEN | Herbal Coffee Replacement

START YOUR MORNING WITH AWAKEN | Herbal Coffee Replacement

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Herbal coffee replacement with naturally energizing herbs crafted to awaken your senses without the caffeine jitters or coffee crash. Blended with roasted Dandelion root, uplifting Damiana, lightly caffeinated Cacao, Cinnamon, and wildcrafted young Sassafras twigs. Glam Gardener’s herbal cup of joe is spiced, earthy, chocolatey, and WILD. This herbal blend is crafted with 100% organic and wildcrafted plants for your health and our planet.

Glam Gardener herbal blends are always hand crafted in New York, made with organic or wild ingredients, and designed to harness each plant's natural healing benefits.

About Glam Gardener's Start Your Morning with Awaken with Dandelion root, Cacao, Damiana, Cinnamon, and Wildcrafted Sassafras:

What are all of the ingredients in Start Your Morning with Awaken herbal coffee replacement?

  • Organic roasted Dandelion root, Organic Cacao, Organic Damiana, Organic Cinnamon, and Wildcrafted Sassafras twigs. That's it. 100% healthy, healing, herbal goodness.

What's it taste like?

  • This blend embodies the earthy bitterness of coffee, but with a chocolatey, spiced, and fruity twist. Damiana and young Sassafras twigs lend this blend a sweet and uplifting flavor, while Dandelion and Cacao give it body. It doesn’t quite taste like a cup of coffee, but it offers an energizing and rich replacement to bring your body into an awakened state without the jitters or caffeine crash.

How does this blend of make you feel?

  • This tea blend energizes the body with naturally uplifting plants: Damiana, Cinnamon, and Cacao. Cacao is naturally lightly caffeinated, so it's uplifting without the intensity that comes with a highly caffeinated beverage. Roasted Dandelion root and Sassafras are natural cleansers for the liver and body, so they offer light detoxing benefits.

How do you make loose leaf herbal tea?

  • Bring water to a boil, then use a reusable tea ball to portion one serving of herbal tea in 8-12 ounces of hot water. Infuse for 10 minutes, then drink with someone you love or alone to feel subtly uplifted with your heart open for a new day.
  • You can also prepare looseleaf herbal tea by infusing hot water with herbal tea for 10 minutes, then straining the plant material from the water using a French press or a sieve/strainer.

Net weight: 

  • 3.1 oz (88g.) of looseleaf herbal tea.

The secret herbal magic of Roasted Dandelion root, Cacao, Cinnamon, Damiana, and Sassafras.

Roasted Dandelion root: grounding and earthy with detoxing benefits

Dandelions are one of the most recognizable wild edibles in the world. Normally, this plant’s leaves are harvested and consumed as a nutritious salad green.

However, we blend Dandelion’s roots in this herbal coffee replacement for their earthy and grounding flavor. We roast our roots in house at the perfect time and temperature—much like how coffee beans are roasted—for a bitter, but earthy flavor.

Dandelion root is often used in herbal medicine to cleanse the liver, so expect a light detox from this medicinal herb.

Cacao: everyone's favorite antioxidant 

Cacao is the precursor for one of our favorite snacks: chocolate. Cacao is the dried and fully fermented seed of the Theobroma cacao plant. It's naturally caffeinated, incredibly medicinal, and packed with antioxidants. Cacao nibs offer a natural energy boost. The complex unsweetened chocolatey flavor blends with the floral notes of this herbal coffee replacement.

Damiana: an uplifting aphrodisiac 

Damiana is an an herbal aphrodisiac that has been used to set the mood for centuries. It's used to promote an uplifting sensation throughout the body. It can heighten sensations of drive and arousal. This leaf offers a unique and addicting sweet earthy floral flavor to the tea blend. Here's some more fun about Damiana:

  • Damiana is an abundant shrub from Central America
  • It has an infectiously sweet smell and flavor that makes you smile
  • Damiana has a fuzzy texture, which makes it so delightful to blend into teas or craft into herbal smoking blends.
  • We love Damiana, that's why we use it in our Lover's Smoke herbal smoking blend and herbal joints

Cinnamon: naturally energizing with spiced flavor

Cinnamon is a spice that is made from the inner bark of trees scientifically known as Cinnamomum. It has been used as an ingredient throughout history, dating back as far as Ancient Egypt. It's loaded with antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, and has the potential to fight infections, lower blood sugar, and so much more.

Young Sassafras twigs: wild, local, and fruity.

It's hard to describe the unique flavor of Sassafras. Think of a leaf with notes of lemon, root beer, and fruit loops. Yes, fruit loops! This wild, abundant, and native tree was traditionally made into tea and used by Native Americans as a tonic (blood purifier).

We add young Sassafras twigs in this blend for its delicious flavor, but its recognized across the globe for a wealth of medicinal and practical uses. Its leaves have mucilaginous qualities. Fun fact: Sassafras' root was once used to make root beer! Sassafras has antibacterial qualities and we're in love with its flavor. Here's some more fun about Sassafras:

Sassafras is a native North American plant that has edible leaves, bark, and roots. 

  • Sassafras is an abundant native tree from North America
  • When fresh, it has an infectiously delicious flavor that makes you smile
  • Our Sassafras is fresh, regionally-harvested & wildcrafted, unlike others you may find from major suppliers

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The Glam fam ♡'s Glam Gardener's Awaken herbal coffee because:

Our love for the planet and our bodies

At Glam Gardener, we believe that what's good for bodies is good for the planet too. That's why we craft herbal remedies with organically grown plants. With plants that can grow locally, we source from USA-based farmers when seasonal.

We harvest wild abundant plants in-house ethically, locally, and sustainably.

Small batches crafted with intention and integrity

Why choose Glam Gardener products when you can find herbal remedies sold by big corporations? We craft small-batch herbal remedies with high-quality, local, organic, and wildcrafted plants.

Most of the remedies sold by large corporations are not crafted with the same intention and quality standards.

Whether we’re crafting a remedy with native mushrooms or invasive plants, we’re doing so consciously by using years of field-based best practices and traditional education.

The result is an herbal remedy with the freshest flavor and the highest quality healing benefits.

We've got your back on your herbal journey

We want to inform you to empower yourself on your herbal journey. We provide information, articles, online content, and in-person experiences for you to learn about herbs and the natural world.

However, we must offer a disclaimer. 

All of these plants' health benefits are well documented in many herbal books, both old and new, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Furthermore, these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. when in doubt consult your healthcare provider or a clinically trained herbalist. 

In addition to all the benefits listed, these plants have additional benefits, side effects, and interactions. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please do your own research before consuming.